Protecting  yourself from potential mass murder.

I’m not a security expert so these are just my thoughts on the matter. Mass murder is nothing new.  You can be harmed by explosives, chemical or biological weapons, firearms, aircraft, trucks, and more.   The most obvious thing is to avoid all concentrations of people.  This is not practical as we have to try to lead as normal a life as possible, so we want to at least avoid known high risk areas.  Number one for me is any area which is marked “No Firearms Allowed” as this tells me it is a first choice for certain types of attacks. I don’t want to be in an area which advertises that everyone is defenseless.

Realize that certain groups of people and certain topics are hyped as radical, evil or extreme by the media or very vocal groups.  It’s pretty obvious that violence could happen at events featuring any controversial topic or persons.  Avoid them if possible.  Train yourself to be more observant and conscious of your surroundings and environment.  Cops and combat veterans never get past seeing and evaluating their surroundings.  It’s a habit, a good habit that could keep you safe.  I think law enforcement should offer classes to citizens on observation.  You can research the subject and get all the information you need off the Internet but face to face with an experienced person would be even better.  We all realize the need to support causes we believe in and we want to be able to live our life as we chose. We realize even driving to the grocery store involves some risk but we can reduce that risk by not driving impaired or driving too fast.  You can also reduce risks when you go to a restaurant or movie.   Where are the exits? Anything that stands out as a potential danger should be noted and evaluated.  A person makes you uncomfortable?  Leave.  Packages or briefcases seem out of place? Leave and report it.  You get the idea.  The best defense is avoidance but always have the means and a plan to defend you and your family if needed.  That means an available firearm you are proficient with.  Have it quickly accessible wherever you are. You must realize that law enforcement may not be on scene in time to help.  They usually arrive after an attack not during one.

If you regularly attend church or other events which could be a risk, security should be in place for foreseeable threats.  If no plan exists, suggest one be formed.  In most congregations, there are active or retired cops or military members who have experience in dangerous situations as well as qualified civilians, all of whom could provide help.  Churches are thought of as safe areas but many prohibit firearms which is inviting to someone planning mayhem. The recent Texas church shooting raised the question.  Could a few armed members of the congregation have saved lives?  A couple of members with readily available rifles might have prevented  the shooter from entering the building. Four or five worshipers with handguns could have put many shots on the shooter and could have disabled or killed him even with his bulletproof vest. Some bullets might have hit areas not protected by a vest.

Threats could and will include fire, bombs or other destructive devices including firearms.   Security plans should consider all possibilities..  Attacks on groups of people will continue to happen.  Prepare.

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