WileyX Valor Single Vision Prescription Lenses w/ Black Frame FREE SHIPPING!!!


Wiley Valor Single Vision Prescription Lenses w/ Black Frame

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We offer the Wiley X glasses and prescription lenses at a discount and at a price unlikely to be found at your local source. Black Frame
***Although the picture show 2 lenses, grey and clear only one set of lenses is included. We recommend Clear lenses.
Clear single vision prescription lens, anti-reflective coating & scratch resistance.
Replacement lenses or extra lenses are available for 226.00.
World’s Most Advanced Optics Provide Wrap Compensations, Personalized Rx Fit and Accuracy 10X Higher than the leading Conventional Lenses.
Wiley X has the incredible clarity of vision that led to decades of high performance eyewear trusted by thrill seekers and athletes of every stripe, members of the US military and law enforcement, NASCAR drivers, and pro bass champion anglers. Now, this industry leader has combined its renowned design, durability, and lens engineering expertise for another moment of clarity and a logical leap in innovation.
Wiley X digital surfacing technology was developed to provide custom designed lenses tailored for the active enthusiast. This industry leading technology provides brilliant color contrast and enhanced depth perception. The system brings extended prescription ranges and unmatched optical performance that has the capacity to adjust the design away from the optical center, achieving edge to edge peripheral vision even in high wrap frames. Wiley X’s new approach for prescription glasses provides exceptional visual acuity and lets the wearer take themselves to the limit no matter how aggressive or extreme the conditions get.
Wrap compensation takes the refracted Rx and adjusts it for the position of the frame on each individual’s face. Refracted Rx is based on zero pantoscopic tilt, zero panoramic angle, and at a fixed vertex distance. Any variation from those parameters used at refraction changes how the patient will see through the lenses. Wiley Xs wrap compensation offers the ultimate in clear, sharp vision.
Wiley X digital surfacing technology creates a controlled back surface on the lens that adjusts to the angle of the eye, reducing peripheral distortion by modeling the radial motion of the eye behind the lens. Using this technology, Wiley X has created custom ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified designs that deliver its famed High Velocity Protection along with the clearest optics possible. Exclusive Wiley X prescription lenses bring new levels of superior light separation and edge to edge optical performance for an increased visual zone. Now prescription eyewear is no longer limited by peripheral distortion inherent to wrap designs in minus powers.
We offer the Wiley X glasses and prescription lenses at a discount; a price unlikely to be found at your local source. For the prescription lens, we need the prescription from your local optometrist including the “PD” or pupillary distance. Our fax number is 970-259-7794 or email evilroy@evilroy.com. Bifocals are hard to use for shooting and we do not make them. I have my glasses set up so that my shooting eye is set for focus at the distance which covers the front sight of the pistol to the front sight of the rifle. I can also see the rear sight clearly. The other eye is set for my distance vision. I take a sharpened wooden pencil and a measuring tape to the optometrist and use the sharp point to distinguish changes in lens correction. You can see changes with a sharp pencil point easier than with the actual gun sights. If you have any questions, CONTACT US before you get your eyes checked. We have put a lot of time into this.
We recommend your shooting eye (right eye if you are right handed) be set up for the “sights distance”. If you are cross eye dominate (left eye dominate, shooting right handed or right eye dominate, shooting left handed), please call to discuss because this can get really complicated! The other lens will be set up for your distance vision.
To determine the sights distance, put your rifle up on your shoulder and have somebody measure from your eye to the rear sight of the rifle and then from the rear sight to the front sight of rifle. I just had Terri measure me (I’m 5’2”, my stock has been shortened and the barrel length id 18.75”) and the distance from my eye to the rear sight is 16.5” and to the front sight is a total of 30 inches.  Take the measuring tape and a sharp pointed pencil to the optometrist and tell him that you want to see with your shooting eye in the range of 16.5 inches from your eye to 30 inches or whatever the actual measurement is. You will hold the pencil up in the “sight distance” range because you can tell when the focus blurs much more easily with a sharp point than the actual sights on your firearm or with the doctor’s eye chart. This is like a prescription for computer glasses. It is a little farther out than reading glasses.
When you hold your pistols up in shooting position, the sights on the pistol will be in the same measurement range so you don’t need to worry about a separate measurement. If the optometrist cannot get you to see clearly in the entire range (16.5” to 30” for me) the front sight (30 inches) is most important.
We must also have the P.D. measurement (pupillary distance). This measurement is used for centering the prescription in the lens.
We recommend clear lenses, included in price is anti-reflective coating and a scratch resistant coating

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