Evil Roy Holster Belt or Shotshell Belt by Ted Blocker Holsters


This belt is available Straight, Contoured, Reverse Contoured and adjustable. Great NEW Designs!

Belt Length * 

Belt Style * 

If you are built straight with no tummy Evil Roy recommends a straight belt.
Ladies-if you are curvy please concider the reverse contour belt.
If your weight changes greatly we offer the adjustable belts.

Leather Color * 


All leather orders are custom made and drop shipped by Ted Blocker Holsters  when completed.

Evil Roy Belt designed for use as a Shot Shell Belt or a Holster Belt.

1 – Belt

The new Evil Roy Shotgun Belt is a modular design which allows the shooter to customize or change caliber, shot shell gauge, add additional slides and place things in different positions as needed or as required when your loading style or methods change.  The belt has a 10 hole tongue for a massive amount of adjustment for weight loss or gain or clothing changes from warm to cold conditions.  For instance, the belt can be worn over a coat in the winter and still fit when worn over a summer shirt.  Evil Roy has had a 10 hole belt for over 15 years and it still fits after many weight changes.  This belt is made to be worn with the buckle to the rear to maximize useable space for gear as a Shot Shell Belt or to the front as a Holster Belt.

The belt comes with a non-dyed suede liner in a natural finish that will not rub off on your clothes. The liner also helps to keep the belt from sliding around on your body.

This belt is used for the Shot Shell Belt and also for the Holster Belt.


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