1873 Texas Brush Popper Rifle 18″ Octagon to Round Barrel Straight Stock .45LC Cimarron / Uberti CA2020 FREE SHIPPING!!!

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1873 Texas Brush Popper Rifle 18″ Octagon Barrel Straight Stock .45LC Cimarron / Uberti / CA2020

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SKU CA2020
• Caliber .45 LC
• Barrel Length 18 in. Octagon to Round
• Style Texas Brush Popper
• Capacity 10 + 1
• Frame Case Hardened
• Finish Standard Blue
• Stock/Forearm Walnut
• Weight 7.1 Lbs.

We try to keep a variety of Evil Roy Custom Action Job, Tuned and Short Stroked 1873’s and Evil Roy Custom Shotguns in stock, ready to ship. If we do not have the long gun you are looking for already, Tuned and  Short Stroked,  it will take a short 3-6 weeks to complete your gunsmithing order. We ship to the Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer of your choice. They will need our email or our fax number 970-259-7794 to send a copy of their License to us.

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Winchester’s 1873 rifle was the “Rifle that Won the West.” It was chambered in a new, more powerful cartridge, the .44-40—a .44 caliber bullet, propelled by 40 grains of black powder. However, a factor that really insured the success of the 1873 Winchester rifles was that Colt quickly offered its Peacemaker chambered in .44-40, as well. A cowboy could have both a lever-action rifle and his six shooter, and needed only one cartridge belt for both. Most Texas Rangers and every old West cowboy worth his salt carried 1873 rifles. Chappo, the son of Apache war chief Geronimo, packed an 1873. And Buffalo Bill carried an 1873 lever-action rifle along with a pair of .44-40 Colts in 1876 when he worked as an Army scout. This piece of rifle history is available in a variety of distinctive models including the Carbine Sporting Rifle.

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Tuned & Short Stroked, Tuned Only, Stock Rifle


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