1873 Texas Brush Popper Pistol Grip .357 Mag / .38 Sp, 18″ Barrel Jeweled, Tuned, short Stroked and Smooth Cycle Kit CA2025


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Model   CA2025

  • Caliber -.357 Magnum /38 Special
  • Barrel Length -18 in. –Octagon to Round
  • Style –   Deluxe Texas  Brush Popper – (Pistol Grip)
  • Capacity –            10 + 1
  • Frame –                Case Hardened
  • Finish-   Standard Blue
  • Stock and Forearm -Checkered Walnut Pistol Grip
  • Weight                 7.35 Lbs.

JEWELED HAMMER, TRIGGER , Tuned, short stroked and a Smooth Cycle Magazine Kit. Ready to ship!

Cimarron’s new TEXAS BRUSH POPPER ™ model 1873 rifle is the best-balanced, lightest and quickest lever rifle available today. The 18.5”octagon to round barrel with full length magazine is complimented by either a straight or pistol gripped stock.The TEXAS BRUSH POPPER ™ model’s light weight makes it a good fit for all ages, without compromising quality, speed, or accuracy. Brought to you by the company that has their finger on the pulse of Cowboy Action Shooting needs, this latest model from Cimarron will be a great addition to any Cowboy Action Shooter’s collection. In fact, this unique little rifle is the result of requests from top Cowboy Action Shooters for the ‘ultimate competition lever gun’.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 47 x 9 x 2 in

Tuned and Short Stroked, Tuned, Stock, Tuned & Short Stroked w/ Smooth Cycle Sleeve