ER4151OMEvil Roy Revolver

We offer a variety of Handguns and specialize in Evil Roy Revolvers. Besides offering handguns for Cowboy Action Shooting we also carry modern handguns and will do special orders for you.
Evil Roy Revolver come tuned.

Tuning of Ruger Vaquero’s: Disassemble entire firearm, polish/hone
necessary internal parts. Work-set hammer trigger pull to approximately 2.5
lbs. Square barrel face, set barrel/cylinder gap, cut 11 deg. forcing cone.
Hone/bevel cylinder chambers. Relieve sides of hammer to reduce drag (standard hammers only). Widen sights if requested. .140 wide rear sight notch standard. Replace springs (main, trigger, firing pin) with Wolf springs.
Customize with jewelling the hammer and trigger available.