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Chey-Cast Bullets is a proud sponsor of Evil Roy!
Chey-Cast Bullets
Otto Road
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 778-6636
Chey-Cast Bullets is a proud sponsor of:
Evil Roy
SASS Hall of Fame inductee
Overall National and World Champion in both Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch shooting.
40 World/National shooting championship wins
“I have decided to shoot Chey Cast bullets for several reasons. I have known Hank for many years and like him personally. He produces a high quality hard cast bullet which has a good reputation for consistancy and quality at a fair price. He produces his bullets with the Hi Tek Supercoat process which the best coating process I am aware of. This coating totally encapsulates the bullet which reduces my exposure to lead from fired rounds and also from handling bullets while reloading. It replaces bullet lube which gums up my reloading equipment and firearms.” Evil Roy

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