Firearms at Evil Roy Shooting School!

We will be receiving the scarce and highly regarded Henry Evil Roy .22lr rifles by the middle of Feb and the equally desirable Evil Roy .22 mag by the end of Feb.

We have one of the Henry X .357 lever action rifles in stock.

More are ordered. They are selling like crazy.

We have a bunch of the wildly popular Henry Axe .410 mares leg type gun on order. Get on the list!

We have a few of the Henry AR 7 .22 survival rifles in stock and more ordered. The barrel, 2 mags and receiver store in the buttstock which will float.  Very tough to find.  You need one in each vehicle and at home. Very reasonably prices. Cheap insurance!

We have one pair of the Evil Revolvers in .45.  Tuned and ready to ship.

We have 1 Cimarron 1873 .45 Brushpopper tuned and ready to ship and also 1  stock one.

We have Cimarron Evil Roy revolvers, many 1873 rifles and many Henry firearms on order.  Get on the list.

We specialize in Evil Roy, Cimarron, and Henry firearms. Tell us your needs. We will add them to our order

Email us at [email protected] to get on the lists.  Leave us name, phone, and email. We will contact you for payment and ffl info when they arrive.

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